Why Europe4Kids

Europe4Kids teaches you why the best family travel is to Europe. There is no doubt that families benefit from travel.  Research from the USTA shows that adults who traveled as children were more likely to graduate from college and on average earn more personal income than those who did not.  The research also shows that kids, no matter what gender, age or ethnicity who took educational trips got better grades, were more engaged in learning and made them more intellectually curious.  I knew this was true based on personal experience long before the research was revealed.  And when I saw Thomas Friedman and Tony Blair in an interview on TV discuss how they believed international travel was an important component to a complete education, I couldn’t fathom why more families didn’t consider travel as an educational enrichment.  An investment in their children’s future.  This website is my way of encouraging families to go out and learn, appreciate history, geography, the arts and culture all while having a great time together!  Enjoy the sites and the food and be sure to visit the Education pages as your first step in helping your kids (and you!) connect the dots in our interconnected world!


Family Togetherness

Traveling together as a family creates a bond that lasts a life time.  Memories are built and shared.  In today’s fast-paced world, it’s a wonderful opportunity to set aside the time to really keep in touch.  Europe4Kids helps you plan a trip that fits your interests and your budget!

Eighteen Features

The website is divided by country and then sub-divided into eighteen features.  Each feature is a different topic that you can explore with your kids.  Each feature has links to experiences such as tours, classes or accommodations that enrich your journey and relieves you of wondering how to plan the perfect trip!  We do all the work for you as you piece together and customize a combination for your unique family.  While independent travel allows for spontaneity,  we do recommend you book in advance at least one Super Special Element such as a special hotel or castle, a fun class or a short, special tour.  You can plug in plans around that special event day!   The Feature content pages can be used as guides for all you need to know to be familiar with each country. Look under the Education tab for grade-compatible activities.  Have a great experience and thank you for taking the extra effort to enrich your child’s future success!


Quotable traveler

“The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page.”

— Augustine of Hippo