Something for Everyone

For a relatively small country, Austria has enough charm, natural beauty and history to fill weeks of vacation time.  Unless you are determined, there’s no need to combine any other country with a trip to Austria.  The people are hospitable, the landscapes spectacular.  The following pages let you build an itinerary to match your budget whether you want to dine on haute cuisine or picnic in the Alps.  Or my favorite, a combination of the two!  If you travel on a budget, in Austria you are still assured of clean, comfortable establishments. And if you can afford a little bit more, you’ll relish some of the finest accommodations anywhere.  Have fun exploring lodging options and piecing together your Austrian adventure.


Vienna has a number of true luxury properties.  I hope you can indulge in one with your family.  Most are historic and filled with antiques.  Suites and/or extra beds may be necessary as rooms are “old school” but comfort won’t be compromised. Even if you can’t stay in one, be sure to review the dining options as your may enjoy lunch with a panoramic view!


You should definitely try to take in a musical performance of some sort while in Salzburg.  Plan your days around an event.  One of Europe’s leading music capitals, a concert there will leave a lifelong impression.


Alpine vistas abound here, home of the Sound of Music and the 1964 Winter Olympics.  Cute town made for nature lovers.

  • Austria Chalets

    A chalet, a heavy wood house style native to the Alps, are beautiful homes suitable for summer hiking or winter skiing.  Consider renting one in the picturesque mountains for your own “Sound of Music” adventure.

  • Austria Castle Hotels

    Austria is dotted with amazing castles that have been restored and are now used as hotels.  We have selected some of the ones best suited to families and building incredible memories!
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  • Austria Camping/ RVs

    Austrians love the great outdoors and love to camp.   They have six national parks where you can hike and enjoy the pristine mountain air!  Learn where to rent an RV.

  • Austria Youth Hostels

    Youth hostels are often located in very special and scenic locations. We have sifted through the long list of Austrian youth hostels and selected only those with private family rooms.  Learn how to book one for a unique and affordable adventure!