Austria Fun Facts

The earliest know civilization in Austria dates back to about 750 BC.  Over the years many cultures invaded this land and left their influence.  For a small, land-locked country, it is amazing how many significant figures lived here and how much impact has been left on Europe.  Also, Austria has had an extraordinary impact on the world of classical music.  Here are some interesting facts that may whet your appetite to learn more about this interesting country.

Austrian History

Austria has been occupied since ancient times.  You can discover lots of evidence of the influence of different cultures even today.

Austrian Geography

Two-thirds of the country is covered by the Alps.  But that didn’t stop lots of invaders from occupying the land!

  • Austrian Empire

    Austria comes from the Germanic word “austro” meaning “east.”

  • Austrian Royalty

    Marie Antoinette was not French but was born in Austria.

  • Austrian Musicians

    Mozart played his first concert at Schönbrunn at six years old.

  • Austrian Inventors

    Austrian Ferdinand Porsche designed the famous sports car plus the Volkswagen beetle.