Why Europe4Kids?

The goal of Europe4Kids is two-fold: to provide advice for your family and inspire you to travel with your children as an investment in their education. We can support you, the parents, by providing you with a toolkit so you can tune what you experience on your trip to what your children are learning at school. The outcome will not just be a terrific trip but will also help your kids develop an intellectual framework that will result in a richer understanding of the world, “connect the dots”, and improve their schoolwork. This can ultimately help them get into the college of their choice.  Additionally, research has shown that travel will inspire them to become “life long learners” and have fuller and richer lives.

Educational content standards are designed to encourage the highest achievement of every student, by defining the knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire at each grade level. Content rolls out across the nation from each state and with national standards. 

There are STEM goals, standards for math and language arts.  Other knowledge bases are defined by grade for science, social studies, foreign language study, and art.  Europe4Kids delivers to parents a convenient and simple reference, by grade, what their children should know by their grade.  We provide easy-to-travel activities and planning tools so you can supplement your holiday with fun and meaningful activities to help give context to your child’s travel experience.

Educating your student by fun and simple activities while on a trip to Europe will open your child’s eyes to the rich stream of history and culture. Your efforts will be recognized in school and reinforced. Your child will begin to “connect the dots” and understand the linkage between subjects. Travel exposure will make classroom learning more interesting. Travel a true gift. A gift of curiosity, inspiration and experience that you have invested in your child.