Elementary school page

We are including Kindergarten in our Elementary School survey of standards and learning paths.  Not all subjects are available for every grade.  Activities to supplement your new understanding of what your child is learning at each grade will follow soon so stay tuned!

  • Kindergarten

    This is a year of educational plus creative activities that promotes the growth of the whole child. They touch on all subjects. Also is a focus on good character traits.

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  • First Grade

    An introduction to reading and math concepts highlight first grade. Students learn about their community and the life cycle.

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  • Second Grade

    This is a year of great growth. Students should be reading by the end of the year. They will also learn grammar and vocabulary and explore the natural world of the Earth. They become aware of the diversity of our communities.

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  • Third Grade

    This is a great year for progress in math and and science. They will research and write their first report. Geography broadens their view of the world and history introduces people from the past. They learn of their cultural heritage and their community.

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  • Fourth Grade

    Your child is now 9-10 years old and growing fast. They transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Their math skills now introduce fractions and graphs and geometry. They have been learning art and now music class is introduced. They do their first presentation.

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  • Fifth Grade

    This year makes sure each student is prepared for middle school. They should be reading 30 minutes a night. Math includes some algebra, measurement and geometry. They have long-term projects, learn to take notes and other organizational skills. They are encouraged to do extra-credit activities. They learn through several disciplines like art, history and geography about American history.

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