What You Learn in the First Grade

First grade learning paths build on Kindergarten as your child begins to become more aware of the world.  Not all subjects are available for every grade.  Activities to supplement your new understanding of what your child is learning at each grade will follow soon so stay tuned!

  • First Grade Geography and Social Studies

    Students learn about their community through seasons, animals, customs and holidays in the first grade. They will learn about maps and globes and learning how to observe scale.

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  • First Grade Art

    In the First Grade students learn about Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value. They review lines and textures and tints. They distinguish between warm colors and cool colors. They learn the concept of free form. The examples and activities and museum guides make this a rich experience.

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  • First Grade Language Arts

    Teachers use a combination of phonics-based instruction and quality literature to assure that all students learn the fundamentals of reading. Experiences cross-over with art, music and drama. The number one goal in the first garde is for students to develop a love of literature and learning.

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  • First Grade Music

    In first grade we will continue to have the children learn about music by listening, moving and tying it to math!

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  • First Grade Math

    In First Grade, students will be looking at place values, two-digit numbers, addition/subtraction up to 20, more/fewer, and an introduction to measurement, data and geometry.

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  • First Grade Science

    Students in first grade look at plants and animals, begin to learn about space and time and motion. The begin projects.

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