Elementary school page

We are including Kindergarten in our Elementary School survey of standards and learning paths.  Not all subjects are available for every grade.  Activities to supplement your new understanding of what your child is learning at each grade will follow soon so stay tuned!

  • Kindergarten Geography and Social Studies

    Kindergarten introduces people and historical events by looking at holidays.  They examine different cultures and different periods in time. They get an appreciation of what makes a “good citizen.” The learn what is geography, globes and maps are. They learn Earth is round, and has directions. The difference between the Natural World and Man-Made world.

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  • Kindergarten Art

    Kindergartners learn about colors and lines in their first experience with art. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Natural vs Man-made. Primary, secondary and complementary colors. Tint. Texture.

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  • Kindergarten Language Arts

    Kindergarten Language Arts includes Reading and Speaking. They learn word orders and basic sounds.  Click here to see what they cover.

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  • Kindergarten Music

    For this age group, we’ll just concentrate on teaching the children some fun and easy songs in English. You should sing these songs with your child! they will learn in class or a round a campfire!.

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  • Kindergarten Math

    Our youngest learners begin with counting numbers up to 100> They count objects, compare small numbers up to teens. What is addition/subtraction? Making 10. They learn basic shapes and compare sizes.

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  • Kindergarten Science

    Science is incredible at such a young age.  They learn how the environment supports life and is influenced by humans, plants and animals.  They learn about the weather and some analytical skills!

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