What You Learn in the Second Grade

Second grade learning paths build on previous years.  We have added a couple of standards from the State of California but your state may be slightly different.  Not all subjects are available for every grade.  Activities to supplement your new understanding of what your child is learning at each grade will follow soon so stay tuned!

  • Second Grade Geography Social Studies

    Students continue to learn about different types of maps and directions. Various land forms and environments are identified.They explore rural and urban landscapes.

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  • Second Grade Language Arts

    By the end of the year, every second grade student should be reading. Phonics and literature are used. We recommend books and stories of European sources to support these skills. Topics can be discussed in restaurants or at bedtime as part of the travel experience. Students should be able to describe the story main idea, draw conclusions and improve vocabulary. A travel diary is encouraged. Books such as the Ugly Duckling or the Tales of Peter Rabbit are common in second grade lessons.

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  • Second Grade Art

    Students now learn about different kinds of paintings: landscapes, seascapes and portraits. Are portraits real or imagined people. Learn foreground, middle ground, background. Styles and patterns.

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  • Second Grade Math

    First, we will review place value. We’ll expand to 10s,100s to 1000s. Students will measure length using unit squares and rulers, compare and estimate length, and solve length word problems. They will discuss the difference between metric and US systems. Next, we will read and make picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots. From there, we will tell time on analog clocks and count U.S. coins and dollars. After that, we will identify quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons. Finally, we will break shapes into equal parts.

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  • Second Grade Music

    It’s undisputed that music benefits the development of children. It enhances communication, cooperation and language of all economic groups.

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  • Second Grade Science

    These kids are beginning to discover their environment and the laws of motion and nature. It’s an exciting adventure and investigation.

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