England Landing Page

Each of these icons represents a section dedicated to the topic for England.  There’s lots of information ranging from the absolute basic knowledge your child should know about England after a trip there (e.g. Buckingham Palace is where the Queen lives …most of the time) to trip logistics that will help you plan your trip.  You will also be able to find unique and interesting and unusual things that will make any trip to England a very special experience for your family!


Online Basic Classes

There are some fundamental classes that are found in the menus of particular topics that apply to all the countries we have listed. There are five:  Art History, Music History,  The History of Architecture,  Geography 101 and finally Foreign Language Learning.   You will find access to these in the left menus in every country.  For example, you can learn about the history of European art in the Art History mini-course but only English artworks and artists will be found in the England section.  Have fun exploring our website and please offer suggestions in our forum for your special additions!