France for Families

France is one of the most important countries you could take your family.  The ties that bind the culture of the US to Europe are plentiful here.  Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin and John Adams all got inspiration from France.  And where better to expose your children to culture and classic beauty than in Paris?  There is something for everyone in France so I applaud you for taking the first step to your new adventure!

France Wonderland

France is shaped like the palm of your hand with every corner different and exciting!  In the north is Paris from which all roads fan out.  The northwest has Normany and Brittany, ancient castles, WWII memorials and ancient myths.  The southwest has gnarly canyons and rugged nature.  To the south the Amazing Riviera!  The Alps, wine and food and some of the most beautiful bike routes in the world.  France is blessed with the best of everything and hopefully some of the culture will rub off on your kids!