You Are On Your Way!

Congratulations!  Now the fun begins!  Or so we hope!

There’s a lot of anxiety families go through in the space between walking out the front door of home and walking into the first accommodation you have reserved in Europe.  It is a complicated maneuver but the idea behind this section of information is to erase any potential obvious mistakes, to get the kids in the right mood to expand their comfort zone and take the travel in stride, and for you, the parents, to not swear you’ll never do this again!  My kids love to travel and the great adventure of it all.

After all, family travel is growing because there are so many positive things about it:  educational value, time together, shared memories.  Worth every minute.  Let’s get started!

  • Don’t Worry About What You Forgot!

    Going to Europe is not like going to the moon so Relax!   Just take the one last look to be sure you have your passports, your confirmations in a way you can get at them, and at least one credit card.  I keep a plastic file folder with my important papers.  I make a copy of my itinerary and put that as the top page, a copy of my airline reservation, and any written confirmations from hotels, cars, rail or tours.  Since we recommend you sign up for something special in advance as a highlight of your trip, we hope you have that confirmation.  You can even mail yourself your online confirmations that you received eight months ago so they are on top in your email inbox!