Be Prepared On Your Flight

To research this section, what parents should do on a long flight with their kids, I thought I’d so straight to the most knowledgeable source:  flight attendants.  I conducted a survey of 10-12 flight attendants on different airlines and asked what advice they would give to parents of children on a flight.  Overwhelmingly, the first thing they said was “Bring them something to do!”  I was shocked.  Who would bring children on a flight for 6-10 hours without things to occupy them?  Well, I guess plenty of parents come blissfully clueless about how to prepare.  I know you don’t want to be one of those parents so, here are the comments from the flight attendants.

  • Something to Do

    iPad, Amazon Fire, DS ….  Preloaded with games, shows they like … Comfy earphones

    No more coloring books on planes so bring them

    Legos, something kids can make , transformers

    Gift wrap toy to open every hour, 30 minutes … Jumbo Baggie … Dollar Store

    Kids can pull own little carry-on bag or have own back pack, blanket, stuffed toy

    Kids can get over – tired flying and not sleep – then meltdown in Customs.   Make sure they are tired and rest!

  • Something to Eat

    Per-order kids meals, if forget,  the vegetarian entree is almost always pasta

    Kids don’t usually like meat selection

    Ask for a pasta meal to be held as there’s more meat entrees on board than pasta

    Bring your own foods, snacks, juice boxes … Healthy snacks, not just sugary

    Flying dehydrates so be sure they drink lots of water … Not all sodas

  • Something to Wear

    Bring diapers … Don’t count on the airline having any

    Bassinets – order in advance … Up to 18 lbs

    They can be good for sleeping but if there’s turbulence, you have to take child down

    Air travel can interrupt sleep … Good to book first row (bulkhead)  in any case

    Bring change of clothes

  • Something if Things Don’t Go As Planned

    Change of clothes in case of  “accident” …..

    Little bit of everything in case you get stuck somewhere

    Baggie of supplies such as Kleenex, children’s pain reliever, wipes, antibacterial gel

    Ask pediatrician about Robitussin, medicines, allergy medication

    Infants can equalize air pressure in ears by drinking bottle at takeoff and landing

    Older kids can chew gum

    Do not allow children to walk around in socks or barefoot …broken glass can occur

    Few small garbage bags folded up in Baggie may be handy