Why Getting Your Seats Assigned Early Matters!

Can you imagine finally getting all the essentials in place to take your trip, you’re mentally going over your lists of things to get together and you think, “oh, I better get seat assignments”.  When you go online to get them,  there are no four seats anywhere near together!  One here, one there!  OMG!  My kids can’t sit apart from us!!  What do you do?  Or, better yet, how do you prevent this scenario from happening in the first place? Seat selection has so many variables and can such an impact especially on a long haul flight that there are whole websites dedicated to it. Let’s keep it simple here to the few top things you need to remember about seats. If you want to take a deep dive into the subject, here’s my favorite website where you can look up your choice of airline, flight equipment (plane type) , seat widths and row spacing and other amenities.  Go to SeatGuru.com

Below you’ll find my top recommendations.

  • Get your seat assignments at time of booking!!

    Can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t put this off or you can easily find your family with no seats together!   Look at the seat maps and make the best selection possible
  • Flight Changes

    If you get an email or phone message about your flight changing times or equipment, reconfirm that your seat assignments are still there intact.
    It’ll just take a few minutes and give you reassurance that you have not lost your seats.
  • Don’t Despair!

    If you have awful seats, check back on the airline website as some churn can occur and you may be able to get better ones.  You could call the airline if you have trouble getting seats together. Be flexible, two x two instead of all four together is not the end of the world.

  • Day of Departure Changes

    Airlines hold back some seats and exit row assignments until the day of departure. If you really need to get reassigned, get to the airport super early and request a change at the counter. Other passengers may move to exit rows or get upgrades leaving empty economy class seats available.

  • Get the most room you can afford.

    Book business or premium economy seats when possible. Even an extra four inches in space between rows makes a huge difference in comfort.  More comfort may translate into less cranky kids.  If you can get non-stop, it’s probably going to save time.  Saving some dollars by taking a flight with two connections is not advisable if you can afford not to.  It will add hours to your travel day and add to your exhaustion after you arrive.

  • Consider whether or not you want bulkhead row.

    You may be able to use the bassinet but you won’t have as much under seat storage and often the armrests are fixed in a down position.

  • Amenities

    Different airlines offer different amenities especially on international flights. It’s really great to have a large, in-seat entertainment screen with 50 movies other than a screen above the aisle where everyone has to watch the same film. Also, some airlines offer in-seat charges for laptops and tablets. Very convenient.

  •  Some seats don’t recline.

    If you want to know which ones on your flight, look it up here on SeatGuru.com.