High School

This is a time of great transition for your student. Students need to content with the unpredictable teen issues as well as building their official transcripts that can affect their college options. A fun and stressful time! It’s also a particularly good time when skills of self-confidence from travel experiences can bear fruit for young people.

  • Ninth Grade

    Big psychological jump takes place when students reach the 9th grade (freshmen). Their classes are more challenging and critical thinking skills develop. They take algrbra, study works of literature and the arts, and begin to understand the context of their place in history.

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  • Tenth Grade

    By now, your student is looking toward the future. Their GPA and transcripts will start to take shape. Students take more advanced math classes and choose their own electives. They take history and civics. Its a good time to begin to take advanced placement classes if they qualify as those stretch classes weigh a lot in college admissions.

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  • Eleventh Grade

    The focus this year is really toward High School graduation. Students can take AP classes. Learning a foreign language, world history and geography can be enhanced by your family travel experience. Support your student’s choices and what they love.

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  • Twelfth Grade

    The focus this year is looking forward toward college and saying good bye to high school. Lots of events such as proms, graduation, interneships form the last year. Its a stressful time trying to understand the college application process. Allow your student tto have fun!

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