What You Learn in the Eleventh Grade

Eleventh grade learning paths are the last fully structured by the states. In 12th grade, students can use electives more to mold their applications for college. In 11th grade, all students learn Physics or Earth Sciences, the structural foundations of literature in different periods in history and Algebra II in Math. Creative aspects of art and music concentrate on introducing students to some major historic artists and styles. More importantly, they are developing skills to articulate wheat they like and why.

  • Eleventh Grade Language Arts

    Eleventh graders examine literature form the structure of the writing. Topics include themes, imagery, tone and characters. Students also see examples of literary periods such as classical Greek, medieval, classical, romantic and modern.

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  • Eleventh Grade Social Studies and Geography

    Students learn more about the US in the 11th Grade. Topics covered define the US identity such as migrations, religions, our unique Constitutional rights, and how we have navigated through major events such as World wars, the Industrial Revolution, the Depression and New Deal.

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  • Eleventh Grade Art

    In eleventh grade art, students

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  • Eleventh Grade Music

    With music appreciation,

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  • Eleventh Grade Science

    Eleventh Grade could be the last science class unless your student is looking at STEM. The national class is either Physics or could be Earth Science. We recommend Physics.

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  • Eleventh Grade Math

    For the final required math class in high school, 11th graders will study Algebra II. This includes complex numbers, polynomials, exponents, logarithms, equations and an intro to trigonometry.

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