What You Learn in the Ninth Grade

Sixth grade learning paths build on previous years with a goals of high school and college readiness. In sixth grade, students concentrate on analysis of more complex subjects. They learn to distinguish between fact and opinion. They see different kinds of writing then in turn write different types of documents. They work in groups while increasing the number of independent research projects. Sixth grade is a major transition year, the bridge between elementary school and high school.

  • Ninth Grade Language Arts

    Ninth and tenth graders are expected to be more analytical writing styles, characters and literary devices. Activities will include suggested reading and creative exercises fun for the family.

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  • Ninth Grade Social Studies and Geography

    Students also concentrate on developing analytical skills when reviewing historical events. Students will look for bias, context and trends. Students will be expected to improve presentation skills. Geography map and descriptions of political and natural boundaries are reviewed.

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  • Ninth Grade Art

    In ninth grade art, students continue to articulate art types, criticism and vocabulary. Students are encouraged to go to local museums and become familiar with major artists and pieces.

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  • Ninth Grade Music

    With music appreciation, students learn to distinguish between periods, genres and artists.

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  • Ninth Grade Science

    High school science follows a national set of classes. (th grade everyone studies Biology. Topics include cells, molecules, genes, ecology and biodiversity. Both human and plant species are covered.

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  • Ninth Grade Math

    Math in 9th grade is Algebra I. It includes equations, graphs, slope, functions, exponents and sequences.

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