What You Learn in the Tenth Grade

Tenth grade learning paths are structured but specific topics are less defined. For example, in Language Arts students are encouraged to up their reading word counts and learn how to articulate observations of what they are reading. They learn how the author is using tools to transport them to a different place or time. Tenth Grades have their first lab experiences by taking Chemistry.

  • Tenth Grade Language Arts

    Tenth graders are encouraged to read more. They distinguish between comedy, tragedy, drama and biography. They learn different sources for research. They compare primary vs secondary sources. They also have a lot of compositions required.

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  • Tenth Grade Social Studies and Geography

    Students gain a broader sense of world events such as transformative events from the ancient world to today. It includes different Revolutions, Wars and technological advances and economics.

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  • Tenth Grade Art

    In tenth grade art, students

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  • Tenth Grade Music

    With music appreciation,

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  • Tenth Grade Science

    Tenth Graders take Chemistry and have their first experiences with chemical bonds, acids and bases. They learn the Periodic Table and Kinetrics. There’s an intro to organic chemistry.

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  • Tenth Grade Math

    Math in 10th grade sequence is Geometry.
    Topics include congruance, triangles and quadrilaterals, angles, circles and similarity and segments.

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