What You Learn in the Twelfth Grade

Twelfth grade learning paths are defined by the students prep for collect. If they have a STEM career in mind or want to apply to a more challenging university, they need to take a fourth year of math, perhaps a fourth year of science and concentrate on analytical skills. They should also try to include some advanced placement courses (AP) which are more challenging and count as college credit if the student passes a competency exam at the end of the class. Finally, encourage the student to have a job, stay involved in Scouting or do some volunteer activity to bolster their college application.

  • Twelfth Grade Language Arts

    Twelfth graders are expected to be at a high level of vocabulary and analysis. Knowledge of major literary works and able to critique different literary devices such as points of view, figures of speech and literary arguments.

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  • Twelfth Grade Social Studies and Geography

    Students take a deep look at American Democracy in what can be called a Civics lesson. They look at citizen rights, parts of govt, landmark Supreme Court decisions and the election process.

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  • Twelfth Grade Art

    Students continue to refine their skills at critiquing art, identifying major arts and works of art. They review different periods and their characteristics.

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  • Twelfth Grade Music

    With music appreciation, students learn how to listen to music, major styles and European artists.

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  • Twelfth Grade Science

    Senior year science can be a choice of elective as only three years are required for many colleges. We are providing the Common Core recommendation.

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  • Twelfth Grade Math

    Math in 12th grade is either trig or calculus. Beyond my pay scale! If the student is going on to a STEM major in college, they need to take a senior math class.

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