Middle School

This is a time of great transition for your student. They go from being the Big Fifth Grader to the under-classman Sixth Grader. Each class is in a different room and they’ll have to manage their belongings and organize their assignments. At first it may be a challenge for some students but they will adjust. It’s a fun time as a parent too as your child is now able to have interesting and deep conversations and come up with questions that may surprise you! With my own kids in Europe, I gave them more freedom to decide what the family did and do some more independent activities! Each age is special but I loved these years!

  • Sixth Grade

    Big psychological jump from elementary school. Different classrooms per subject. More independent study and projects will be a change!

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  • Seventh Grade

    By now, students are used to new school environment. More complex subject matter will challenge them and they will be required to produce more in depth essays and analytical review. They should also be able to express opinions and back them up.

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  • Eighth Grade

    The focus this year is really toward High School as students have matured into their daily routine. They will be prepped for more complex subject matter and more independent projects. It is also a time of celebration!

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