What You Learn in the Seventh Grade

Students by seventh grade are very smart and able to hold coherent conversations about politics and literature. Prepare some activities to engage them on your trip. Use mealtimes for meaningful discussions!   Activities to supplement your new understanding of what your child is learning at each grade will follow soon so stay tuned!

  • Seventh Grade Language Arts

    Analyze the differences in structure and purpose between materials (e.g., textbooks, newspapers, signs). Students read and respond to historically or culturally significant works of literature.
    Analyze recurring themes across works (e.g., the value of bravery, loyalty, and friendship; the effects of loneliness). Write fictional or autobiographical narratives. Do a presentation.

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  • Seventh Grade Social Studies and Geography

    Geographic exercises continue to build on an understanding of place. Use observation to analyze natural and cultural environments. Social studies cover the Middle Ages agross Europe, and Asia, Latin American and Africa.

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  • Seventh Grade Art

    Seventh grade art is a period where students expand their experience with different media. Projects include drawing, painting college and print making. They get exposed to the biographies of a number of artists and their works. They further explore the four strands of an art education: art appreciation, art history, art production and art criticism.

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  • Seventh Grade Math

    Lots of work dedicated to negative numbers. Working with fractions. Measurement in geometry. Equations. Proportions.

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  • Seventh Grade Music

    Music of different cultures. Intro to music history by exploring different periods from Medieval to Modern. Patriotic music.

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  • Seventh Grade Science

    Intro to Scientific Method. Basic biology and genetics. Atoms and molecules. Forces of Physics. Chemical reactions.

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