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What You Learn in the Seventh Grade Music

Seventh grade curriculum provides context to the world by taking a deep look at the Middle Ages and Renaissance on different continents. Geography and different cultures are featured. Students listening to classical music of the middle ages hit the jackpot in Europe! Explore the chants and a capella music of religious movements to more recent political anthems.


  • Seventh Grade Music

    – Define: medieval, Renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and modern..
    – Listen to and interact with a variety of contrasting music.
    – Describe feelings or imagery conveyed by a music selection.
    – Describe verbally using vocabulary to describe a musical piece.
    – Explore/express feelings conveyed by a music selection through movement, drawing, or writing.
    – Identify music elements that are characteristic of different genres of music.
    – Experience and explore music which connects us to history, culture, heritage, and community.
    – Describe how music relates to personal, social, emotional, and intellectual development.
    – Name the most famous place to hear music in the country you are visiting. Attend a musical performance: large or small.
    – Discuss/Apply criteria to evaluate musical works or performances.
    – Demonstrate audience etiquette appropriate for the context and venue.

    – Learn five pieces of music from five composers.
    – Explore and explain how musical works are influenced by a composer’s heritage and experiences.

    – Learn how to download free music on your phone.