What You Learn in the Sixth Grade

Sixth grade learning paths build on previous years with a goals of high school and college readiness. In sixth grade, students concentrate on analysis of more complex subjects. They learn to distinguish between fact and opinion. They see different kinds of writing then in turn write different types of documents. They work in groups while increasing the number of independent research projects. Sixth grade is a major transition year, the bridge between elementary school and high school.

  • Sixth Grade Language Arts

    Sixth graders refine their skills analyzing text of different genres. They look more deeply at vocabulary using dictionaries, thesauruses and glossaries. They will share ideas in group discussions and a class presentation. Recognizing these differences, they learn to write about characters, narratives and settings. Finally, students examine different types of publications and how writing differs between them.

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  • Sixth Grade Social Studies and Geography

    Students gain a broader sence of where they are in the world through geography and where they are in time via History. This grade introduces students to ancient history.

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  • Sixth Grade Art

    In sixth grade art, students gain experience using different media in their projects. Options include drawing, painting, graphics, calligraphy and sculpture. Examples in the ancient world link to their social studies curriculum. They get exposed to the biographies of a number of artists and their works. They are introduced to the four strands of an art education: art appreciation, art history, are production and art criticism.

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  • Sixth Grade Music

    With music appreciation, this age student explores music and culture, history and genre. Learn more instruments in an orchestra and some accomplished composers and pieces.

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  • Sixth Grade Science

    Sixth Grade covers a lot of ground. Geography, fossils, genetics, plants naural resources, ecosystems and conservation!

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  • Sixth Grade Math

    Math in 6th grade focuses on the following areas: Fractions, ratios; usine negative numbers; geometry using area and volume; and an introduction to statistics using mean, median and range.

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