Money Saving Tips

Here is my list of money saving tips for travelling with a family. Search the web and you’ll even find more but these are a good start and based on my personal experience! Or better yet, contribute your own on the Forum.



      • Weekend rates at business hotels can be a great deal.
      • Three star local hotels can be perfectly fine and more authentic then large chains. Look for small properties that include breakfast.
      • Book a reasonably priced apartment that meets your needs. You will get a kitchen where you can save a lot on dining by buying local food stuffs or take out.
      • Youth hostels often have family rooms (see Youth Hostel listings) and places you can cook and or eat.


      • Forget the words à la carte. Eat the plate of the day. They are usually satisfying and reasonably priced.
      • Picnic! Bring a soft-side cooler and make sandwiches or just rip bread, local cheeses, meats and fruit. You can pack a small cutting board and serrated knife from home. Bring reusable water bottles which you can fill and are better for the environment.
      • Avoid breakfast at the hotel if it’s not included as they are usually very expensive. Find a local bakery and enjoy what the locals have. Take turns making the breakfast run!
      • Department stores often have cafes where locals partake … at local prices!
      • Limit yourself to one restaurant meal out a day ..either lunch or dinner. I never feel like I miss anything. The kids get tired. I don’t want to eat a ton anyway but one restaurant more than gives the experience of local cuisine.
      • Pick one or two fantastic dining experiences so you don’t feel deprived and enjoy them thoroughly. Eat at a castle, an expensive terrace restaurant with a fabulous view. Just don’t do it every day if it’s a budget-breaker.
      • Don’t over tip. Americans naturally tip 15% or more but in Europe it’s not required. Leave the coins on the table. But, do tip if you really liked the service … it’s appreciated.