Amsterdam: The Heart of the Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam is one of the great cities of Europe and certainly on of the greatest planned cities of the world.  It was originally a fishing village located by a dam on the Amstel River (Amstelledamme!) and over time became one of the centers for world trade. It was in the late 1300’s that the canals were dug.  Buildings were made primarily of wood and a few survive.  The Golden Age was the early 1600’s when trade was pervasive and the world’s first stock exchange was founded here.  Spices from the East India Company were processed in the grinding stones in the windmills that dotted the countryside.  A stay in Amsterdam is a must when visiting The Netherlands but you are also encouraged to rent a house or stay in one of the country’s other charming towns and cities.

City Stay

Don’t miss a visit to Amsterdam.  City Center preferred but terrific trams. Rent a Bike!  Take a canal boat!

Country Stay

The Netherlands are flat.  Makes bike riding easy!  Flowers are spectacular!  Charming and unique small towns!

  • Hotels

    So convenient.  Breakfast typically included!  Chocolate and Sprinkles! Reasonably priced!

  • Apartments

    Great for families.  All the convenience of home and kids can be themselves.  Great choice!

  • Youth Hostels

    Some of the cleanest in Europe!  Family Rooms. Meet young people from everywhere!  Terrific for the adventuresome or on a budget!

  • Country House

    Meet the cows and get to know the true pace of the country.  Great for bike riding adventures!