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Trip Countdown Calendar – Planning Ahead

Here’s some guidelines that may help you plan your trip!   Download PDF if you want a printed copy!

 1 year – 6 months prior to departure:  


6 months – 4 months prior to departure:  

      • Fill in any gaps in your itinerary. The best places fill up early especially in popular tourist destinations.
      • Sign up for any special tours …even day tours.


4 months – 2 months:

              • Find a house or pet sitter as required.
              • Confirm home airport transport plans – round trip.
              • Decide on which credit cards you will use. No foreign currency fees.
              • Order a “travel” debit card. (Money)
              • Decide on shoes to bring and break them in.
              • Purchase any travel gear such as baggage straps, suitcase ties, laundry line. Adapters & converters.


2 months – 1 month:

                • Download any school activities (Education) and language cards (Language).
                • Download or prepare to stream any movies made at your destination. Bring instructions to bring.
                • Inquire about international plans for cell phones. Roaming plan?
                • Download trivia and jokes and games for your destination. (Fun Facts).
                • List clothes to take. Utilize layers and accessories. Buy everyone new socks to take.
                • Make toiletries lists for cosmetic bags or shaving kits.


4 weeks – 2 weeks

                      • Scan any documents and upload them to the Cloud. Emergency access anywhere.
                      • Review auto and health insurance coverage for travel.
                      • Hard look at your itinerary looking for mistakes. Print confirmations.
                      • Decide on which baggage pieces each person is taking. Attach luggage ID tags.
                      • Prepare small kits for each person’s electronics. Extra long cables. Chargers. Ear buds.
                      • Purchase any children’s medications you need. Refill prescriptions. Orthodontist appts.
                      • Prepare travel size cosmetics. New travel toothbrushes.
                      • Download reading material.
                      • Add nametags to all baggage.
                      • Pay any bills that will come due while you are gone.
                      • Prepare list of treats and surprises for kids on flight. (age appropriate)
                      • Prepare 3-1-1 TSA quart-size carry-on Zip Lock bags for each person.
                      • Make salon or barber appointments for week before you go as necessary.


Final week:

                  • Find any confirmation emails from past and forward them to yourself again so they are not buried.
                  • Distribute suitcases and begin packing. Do laundry. Forbid family to wear what they are bringing!
                  • Hand out new socks for everyone!
                  • Make little baggies of plane snacks for kids. Granola, M&Ms, little games and puzzle books.
                  • Distribute copies of itinerary to family, friends.
                  • Go to hairdresser.
                  • Begin packing 3 days before departure so you have everything on your list ready to go!